In art historical research, it is customary to assign individual artists to specific epochs and categorize their works according to specific stylistic features. This is not easily possible with the German artist Lisnoir – his motto 'Art knows no boundaries' is omnipresent in the diversity of his creations. His field of activity encompasses painting, sculpture, and photography as well as object and installation art, fully exploiting the dynamics of his broad spectrum: Instead of creating an imitation of already seen ideas from the reservoir of existing ones, he creates his own style by taking up, combining, and reinterpreting them, which is additionally specifically defined in each collection. The individuality of each piece is supported by the use of high-quality, internationally manufactured colors from a wide palette and the use of applied applications that are characterized by their particular exclusivity: semi-precious stones such as jade, turquoise, and tiger's eye, real natural pearls, or Milan glass are just a few examples from the repertoire from which the artist draws when creating his works. Despite the variety of his design possibilities, Lisnoir always strives for utmost perfection, yet he rejects specialization in only one technique – since creativity and innovation are not tied to a specific medium, he does not tolerate any restrictions in his work. His art is not to be understood as a product of an automated craft process but breaks the boundaries of popular Scandinavian living culture. This separates him from the pseudo-individualism of the mass consumer society while his works give the viewer the opportunity for uninfluenced self-discovery regarding their own taste through the mere view of the objects. The fact that the artist focuses on breaking down barriers without considering political, religious, and socio-cultural backgrounds is shown, among other things, by his collaboration with internationally rooted or resident interns and artist colleagues. Lisnoir also brings his art into contact with young people through school projects – it is very important to him to always be present as a contact person. As a – in his own words – "hands-on artist," the doors of his studio are always open to visitors, creating a free, friendly atmosphere that is reflected in the beauty and joy of the works. The artist strictly rejects market-oriented competitive thinking – just as the reservoir of artistic possibilities knows no boundaries, he strives for a peaceful coexistence of creative ideas.